Sitting on the front porch of our new Studio City home back in 2004, we wondered what it would be like to walk our child to Carpenter, take them to Bookstar and stroll Ventura Blvd on the hunt for dinner in the evenings. We had just moved from a nearby condo in anticipation of starting the adoption process and a family in Studio City. Three years later, we were lucky enough to celebrate our daughter's adoption at Art's Deli, our local “go-to”, with a Big Sugar cake (of course) and surrounded by both our family and extended family.


Numerous walks to Carpenter Community Charter, diversions to Ventura Blvd for “after school ice cream", and evenings out in the neighborhood led to weekly opportunities to shop and dine locally. Each store and restaurant offered us something delicious and enticing on our small-town quests.

One adventure in particular we dreamed about was starting a family business together. The challenge was making sure it represented us both and was something we could both enjoy. Brian comes from a medical and scientific background and tends to be more reserved. I on the other hand come from visual design, styling, and fine jewelry, which often embraces whimsicalities.  With these somewhat opposite perspectives in mind, we founded Restrained Whimsy in 2015. A place where logic and play are celebrated, honored, and embraced equally. 

Our vision of the business is to provide classically distinctive gifts, many we have discovered in 20 years together, in a place that empowers the local artists and community whenever possible.  This would allow us to highlight what is important to us as a family business as well as provide an opportunity to offer gifts that give back to the community or a cause when purchased.

The last element of our dream of a family business was the location--which was easy-- Studio City, the place we call home. We finally moved into our 1st brick and mortar location in October 2019 in Studio Plaza at the corner of Ventura and Vineland.

10973 Ventura Blvd

Studio City, CA 91604


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